Fans Drag Actress Mercy Aigbe For Not Covering Her Hair Shortly After Return From Mecca

Popular Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has found herself in the midst of controversy after her recent return from Mecca, where she performed the Hajj pilgrimage.

The actress, who is known for her glamorous hairstyles, faced criticism from some of her fans and followers on social media for not covering her hair in accordance with Islamic customs shortly after the holy pilgrimage.

Upon her return, Mercy took to her Instagram account to share a series of photos of herself announcing her recent achievement.

However, some observant fans quickly noticed that she was not wearing a hijab or headscarf in the pictures, leading to an outpouring of comments expressing disappointment and disapproval.

Several fans questioned the actress’s commitment to her faith and suggested that her decision not to cover her hair after the Hajj showed a lack of respect for Islamic traditions. Others defended Mercy, stating that it might have been an oversight or a personal choice.

See reactions below:

– Please you just returned from the holy land (Mecca)always cover your hair dear 😍✌🏾

– Alhaja you forget to use scarf

@rupheeyah don’t judge what you see❤️

– @rupheeyah Abeg carry religion comot for here jor… nonsense

– @rupheeyah it’s a gradual process, hair covering takes time to adapt especially for someone that is not used to it, am a northern Christian, because I grew in the north, I always cover my hair.

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