“Hallelujah” This Pastor Agbala Gabriel Is Blessed With Anointing” Reactions Trolls As Actor Musiliu Ajikanle Walks First Time Since He Has Been Down With Stroke 7yrs Ago (Video)

The remarkable act of kindness and compassion displayed by Pastor Agbala Gabriel has touched the hearts of many, as he successfully raised support and funds for actor Musiliu Ajikanle, who has been battling a stroke for the past seven years.

Pastor Gabriel visited Musiliu Ajikanle in his residence in Ibadan and took it upon himself to initiate a fundraising campaign to support Musiliu Ajikanle’s medical treatment and overall well-being.

Through his extensive network and the power of social media, Pastor Gabriel was able to rally the support from fans.

In a short period, the campaign has already raised 1 million Naira so far.

The news of Pastor Gabriel’s successful fundraising efforts has resonated deeply with people, leading to an outpouring of prayers and blessings for his selfless act of kindness.

See reactions and the video below:

– Divine healing to him in Jesus name

– Man of God, you will not be put to shame. Your children will never lack help in Jesus name.

God Almighty will heal you and those on the sick bed in Jesus name. Daddy, Agbala Gabriel God will strengthen you.


– Very impressive!may you never know shame in Jesus name amen….well done pastor

– Keep loving and be supportive 😍😍💝💥💝💥😍🙏💕💕💝💝💝😍😍😍😍😍🙏 Love you my online family

– Pastor Gabriel Amusan You’re God sent more anointing with good health ,more wealth

– God bless your going out and coming in… this is what humanity is all about

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