Actress Jaiye Kuti makes peace as she meets with Lalude after previously dragging them for coming to social media to beg for money (Video)

In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian actress Jaiye Kuti has extended an olive branch to veteran actor Lalude, putting her previous opinion behind.

Recalls that Jaiye Kuti berated some veteran actors who have taken to social media platforms in recent times to seek financial assistance.

The like of veteran Nollywood actors such as Iya Gbonkan, Lalude, and Alapani Osha, among others, have recently taken to social media to publicly seek help to improve their living conditions.

The trend seems not to have sat well with Jaiye Kuti, who took to her verified Instagram page to berate the older colleagues over the development.

According to her, the veteran actors only have themselves to blame for their present predicament as a result of careless financial decisions they might have made when they were younger.

She described the act as being embarrassing to her and her colleagues in the Yoruba segment of the industry.

In a what it look like a reconciliation, Jaiye Kuti shares a video of herself and Lalude in a short skit.

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